Community Sports Partnerships

Community Sports Partnerships with Tendring Leisure 

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To ensure a co-ordinated approach to sports delivery within Essex, ActiveEssex (formerly known as sportessex), the Essex, Southend and Thurrock County Sports Partnership has been established. Working in partnership with Sport England, Essex Local Authorities and other partners, ActiveEssex is part of the national network of County Community Sports Partnerships that are committed to bringing sport into the community. Through a co-ordination approach the partnership will contribute to increasing participation and widening access to sport across the County though three core functions:

• Performance measurement
• Marketing and communications

• Strategic co-ordination and planning

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Community Sports Partnerships

Active Tendring

Active Essex

‘Developing Sport and Positive Activities for all people within the Community’

‘activetendring’ is an organisation, which will act as a Community Activity Network – a key part of the delivery system for community sport and will be the link with ActiveEssex and sport within the Tendring District

The partnership is made up of key partners who will work together to identify the key issues in the district and actively work to increase participation in sport and physical activity by increasing and widening the range of opportunities available at the district’s sport, leisure & community facilities, schools and local sports clubs for all people.

‘activetendring’s priorities will be closely aligned to the strategy and priorities of the ActiveEssex ensuring that both organisations benefit from the resources, expertise and support of each other.  A new vision document together with action plan is currently being developed. 

For more information on the group or how to be involved please contact:

Kieran Charles: [email protected]

Are you a talented athlete?

sport:exl is the name of the Essex Foundation for young athletes.

The vision of sport:exl is to award grants and bursaries to aspiring and talented young athletes in the county who need a helping hand to reach their potential. The sport:exl grant making criteria is simple, directing its assistance to those who need it most, from young athletes not yet recognised by the National Governing Body for their sport, to those already at their peak and who may be a future Olympic or Paralympic Champion.

sport:exl, through ActiveEssex, is working with partners including the National Governing Bodies of Sport, Sports Aid, Sport England, schools and local authorities to identify and recognise local talent.

Investment in sport:exl is generated through engaging with local businesses, local authorities and from other local sources.

Click here to access the Application forms.

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FANS Scheme Active Essex


FANS stands for 

Access for 

and is a scheme designed to provide support to the county’s leading talented sports performers. The scheme provides nationally ranked sports people with free access to participating local authority and private leisure and sports facilities at designated times, for personal training and development.


For more information, please click here for the Active Essex website or contact:

Kieran Charles at [email protected]

Fans Scheme

Tendring Sports Awards

Working in partnership with Active Tendring, the Tendring Sports Personality Awards have been held at the Clacton’s Princes Theatre which sees a host of sporting talent and personalities honoured for their outstanding achievements over the past year.

The event organised by Tendring District Council (TDC) and the Active Tendring network, has been on hold in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID Pandemic.

Please look out for further information on 2022’s event later this year.

Sports Clubs in Tendring

Rugby Team
Looking for a sports club in Tendring?

To access our directory holding a record of sports clubs that have activities in the Tendring District click on the link below.

Sports Clubs within the Tendring District