Swimming Lessons

Already booked onto swimming lessons? Click on the link below to view your child/children’s progress. You can also use this Home Portal to top up sessions from the comfort of your own home.

Build Confidence in the Water

Starting off with a half hour session per week for Adult and Baby our swimming lessons will help you to build confidence in the water whilst you progress onto advanced skills and techniques as you progress throughout the stages. Our classes are inclusive for all and a fun way to keep active whilst learning new skills.

Looking to get started with swimming lessons, look no further with all you need to know to get you started. Running throughout 50 weeks of the year with a break for Christmas our lessons can be purchased at

Clacton Leisure Centre, Walton-On-The-Naze Lifestyles and Dovercourt Bay Lifestyles.

Our easy option direct debit allows you to spread the cost of the 50 weeks across 12 equal monthly payments.

You can also save by choosing an annual payment option.

Lesson Prices

Type Junior Swimming Adult Swimming
Direct Debit £19.58 £21.75
Annual £218.38 £233.75
One off Start Up Fee £10.50 £15

Our new GoLearn system allows you to view, move when promoted and top up sessions from the comfort of your own home. This interactive home portal provides a rolling assessment criteria so teachers can assess and move children as they progress without the need to wait until the end of their current course.

Not sure what stage or class to choose? Look below for more information on what each stage includes.

Children Swimming Lessons

Adult & Baby Lessons (3-18 months)

These classes are aimed at giving your Baby their first experience of the water, along with your guidance. That introduction is provided through songs, games and support and it aims to promote water confidence, alongside offering a social environment for both parents and children.

Adult & Toddler Lessons (18 months +)

When the child reaches 18 months, they are encouraged to start independent water movement, leading to swimming on their own and, eventually, leading to the Pre-school class 1/2.

Pre-school 1 (3 years +)

The Pre-School 1 is designed to help toddlers enjoy learning to swim, growing their water confidence with the help/support from their parents or guardians. You will start to see your child move by themselves in the water, working to minimal support from parents or guardians.

Pre-school 2 (3 years +)

Within the Pre-School 2 Lessons the Children with minimal support from parents or guardians will improve many of the aquatic skills learnt so far. By the end of this Course they will be jumping in, going underwater, floating and travel 10 metres without support ready to move onto Stage 1

Stage 1

This stage is for children who are in full time education and have no previous swimming experience. It will teach confidence and independence in the water and, once completed, your child will be awarded the Swim England Learn to Swim Stage One award.

Stage 2

This stage is for children who are in full time education and have some previous swimming experience. It will help develop water confidence and teach children to be able to swim five metres on both their front and their back. Once they’ve completed this stage, they’ll receive the Stage 2 Award, as well as the 5m badge.

Stage 3

If your child can swim five metres on their front and back unaided, then they’ll need to enrol in our Stage 3 lessons. Here, they’ll be taught towards the end goal of being able to swim unaided for 10m on both their front and back. They’ll be supported on this journey by being introduced to aquatic breathing and different types of aquatic mobility. By completing this stage, your child will have attained Stage 3 accreditation, as well as their 10m award.

Stage 4

For slightly more advanced children, stage four teaches your child some of the basic swimming techniques, including treading water and swimming underwater. Your child will be working towards being able to swim 20m unaided on their front and back. Once they’ve completed this stage, your child will get a 20m badge as well as the Stage 4 award.

Stage 5

Once your child can swim 20m on their front and back, then it’s time they enrol in the fifth stage of our learn-to-swim programme. As well as working towards being able to swim 25m on their front and back, this stage will begin to develop your child’s stroke technique to a higher standard, making them even more confident in the water.

Stage 6

This stage of our children’s swimming lesson programme is where stroke technique begins to be more solidly implemented into the programme. During this stage, your child will learn to swim 100m both in back stroke and front crawl as well as beginning to get a greater understanding of breaststroke and butterfly – in which your child will also have to demonstrate competence in order to attain this level of accreditation.

Stage 7 (1 hour lesson)

After stage 6, this class is open to your child if they can competently swim 100 metres and demonstrating three different strokes. At this stage of the children’s swimming lessons programme, we’ll start introducing your child to touch turns, while we’ll also try and improve their ability in butterfly and increase the distance they can swim to 200 metres.

Stage 8: Competitive Swimming (1 hour lesson)

This class is aimed at children who are in the early stages of competitive swimming wishing to develop stamina and stroke technique, who are already capable of competently swimming 200 metres using three different strokes. In order to enrol in this stage, they must have already completed Stage 7. As well as the ability to swim 400 metres competently, this class teaches greater awareness of water safety and survival techniques.

Stage 9: Competitive Swimming (1 hour lesson)

Stage 9 delves even more deeply into teaching your child about speed and endurance. In order to pass this stage, they will have to be able to swim 800m in three different strokes.

Stage 10: Competitive Swimming (1 hour lesson)

This last and most advanced stage is only for children who have completed at least stages 7 and above and are in the early stages of competitive swimming. As well as putting even more emphasis on speed and endurance, your child will learn how to execute correct race starts and turns, as well as swimming 1,500m in three different strokes

Rookie Lifeguard (1 hour lesson)

Once a swimmer has completed Stage 7, they may wish to learn the skills of lifesaving. Only available at certain centres. This fun and educational course will teach vital lifesaving skills and water confidence throughout each level.

Adult Swimming Lessons

Our adult swimming lessons cater for all abilities. From complete beginners, all the way to people who are confident in the water but want to improve their stroke technique, stamina and overall ability.

Can’t find what you’re looking for or have a question? Contact us, where a member of the team will be happy to help.

Adult Beginner/Intermediate (30 minute lesson)

These classes give you an introduction to the pool, helping to build your confidence in the water alongside learning basic aquatic skills. These classes take place in shallow water, helping you build confidence in safety.

Adult Advanced (30 minute lesson)

Improve your stamina and stroke technique and gain confidence swimming in deeper water. The goal for these lessons is to support you to swim distances of up to 50 metres on your front and back with good technique. You’ll get fitter, as well as strengthening your joints without putting huge amounts of impact through them.